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With the constant widening applications of LED, more and more people pay attention to UV appilications on medical, polymerization solidification, Household disinfection, cleansing and so on. On December 2014, NationStar get a product what is UV LED devices to market for market demand. Devoting itself to the painstaking research of UV led for a whole year, Nationstar has recently developed and launched a series of COB led products (COB 1215、3535、6363), which could greatly meet the demands on waveband and dimension of products.              

 After that, NationStar UV LED devices has various wavebands for wide  applications.  It’s show that Nationstar would provide solutions according to defferent market. Nowadays, more customers for example, household applications of degradation of formaldehyde, industrial curing applications have established the deeply cooperation relations. NationStar UV LED series has been standing in the forefront of the wave.               

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