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Toyoda Gosei(Shanghai) authorized white LED patent to NATIONSTAR


NATIONSTAR and Toyoda Gosei (Shanghai) held the white LED sublicense agreement signing ceremony in August 2015. General manager of Toyoda Gosei (Shanghai), Mr. Sugiura, Senior Manager, Mr. Wang Jian, vice general manager of NATIONSTAR, Dr. Li Cheng, general manager of the White LED Division, Mr. Zhao Sen, vice general manager of Components Division, Mr. Cai Qiming, et al. attended the ceremony.

Toyoda Gosei is always a technology leader in the global LED industry, member of the B.O.S.E Patents Alliance, owning the key patents of white LED. The signing marks NATIONSTAR has become the manufacturers and suppliers of white LED authorized by B.O.S.E Patent Allience.

signed a sublicense agreement

NATIONSTAR has always attached great importance to innovation, as well as the company's intellectual property protection. The company has an IP department which is responsible for the protection of intellectual property rights and anything else related. "We hope this authorization can help us to continue perfection of our global core-patent plan, to deepen international cooperation, to further improve the product additional value and the company's market competitiveness, and the last but not least, to provide a guarantee for the clients who use white LED purchased from NATIONSTAR. " said Li cheng.

NATIONSTAR gained a great deal of admit and praise from Mr. Sugiura, he also acknowledged NATIONSTAR was very experienced to cooperate with Japanese enterprises. The two sides reaffirmed their intention to continue communication and cooperation on more fields in the years to come.

Dr.Li Cheng and Mr. Pushan with a handshake

This signing means NATIONSTAR has obtained the authorization of silicate white LED which could be valid in Japan, the United States, Europe, Austria, Russia, China (including Taiwan), South Korea, India, Malaysia and other regions since now. The cooperation, demonstrating the determination of market expansion, is conducive to improve the market share of NATIONSTAR’s products and support the company’s global expansion.

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