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NATIONSTAR Publishing High Light Efficiency Plant Lighting LED


Recently, NATIONSTAR has launched a series of high light efficiency plant lighting LEDs through technology and process innovation, including 380-760 nm band monochrome light series LED with narrow spectrum, dark red light series, full spectrum series and sunlight full spectrum series LED stimulated by phosphor to meet different spectra needs of plants and they can be customized according to customers' spectral needs.


Monochromatic light LED, including wavelengths of UV series, B series, R series and FR series, basically covers the physiological effective radiation wavelength of plants and can be widely used in different stages of plant growth.
Dark red LED series include blue and red light spectrum, blue light and red light can promote chlorophyll absorption, suitable for plant growth needs. The full spectrum series of LED covers the continuous spectrum from blue light, green light, red light to far red light, which realizes the integration of various spectra required by plants, and greatly improves the cost performance of plant light. Sunlight full spectrum series LED, which covers 380-800nm band, can not only promote the growth of plants, but also help to improve the content of plant nutrients.


NATIONSTAR high-efficiency plant lighting LED has good compatibility with the universal structure and pad packaging in the market; each series of products adopt ceramic substrate, thin support with hot layer and EMC support respectively, with high thermal conductivity and reliability; all series of products have high photon quantum flux efficiency, in which the whole spectrum series highest photon quantum flux up to 3.0μmol/J.


Through technological innovation, NATIONSTAR continuously improves the photosynthetic photon flux, photosynthetic photon flux density and spatial distribution uniformity of plant illumination LED which are important factors affecting plant growth and development, and comprehensively promotes the efficient and healthy growth of plants.


Monochromatic light series LED realizes integrated lens packaging of high-viscosity silicone resin on TOP support with high-precision equipment, which greatly improves the light and photon fluxes on the basis of maintaining the original cost and production efficiency.


Through high precision conformal coating technology, the fluorescent powder series LED reduces the scattering degree of fluorescent powder and reduces the emission area of fluorescent powder, meanwhile, combining with the molding lens on TOP support through high precision equipment, the small angle products of the whole spectrum series can be realized, thereby improving the photosynthetic photon flux density of the whole spectrum series of plant LED light. In addition, the dispersion-centrifugal composite packaging technology is used to improve the uniformity of light and color of the device in an all-round way, thus improving the spatial distribution uniformity of the full-spectrum plant LED light.

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